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Lifestyle Addiction Rehab center provides both outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment in San Jose, California for adults. They utilize research based treatment so that their clients have the best opportunity available to overcome their use of drugs and alcohol and recover with long term success. To make sure their clients are able to receive the exact treatment needed for their recovery, complete assessment results are used to determine their individualized treatment plan.

Inpatient Treatment at Lifestyle Addiction Rehab Center

If you require inpatient alcohol or drug abuse treatment due to long-term or chronic substance use, Lifestyle Addiction Rehab center will gear your recovery plan to address all areas of your life that require healing, not just help you stop drinking or using drugs. You can learn how to live your life and be happy and content with yourself without the need to drink or use mind altering drugs.

Medically Supervised Detoxification

Medically supervised detoxification is also part of Lifestyle Addiction Rehab centers residential treatment and recovery program. The type of detox provided is based on the individual clients addiction needs and is considered the first phase of treatment. A wide range of treatment programs and therapies are provided for clients so that they're able to individually receive the specific help they need to address all areas of concern.

Short and Long Term Residential Treatment

The length of inpatient treatment a person needs depends on each client's level of addiction so there is no specific time frame for a person to move through their recovery. Three months of treatment may be beneficial for some people receiving inpatient treatment at Lifestyle Addiction Rehab center while others may require six months or more.

Outpatient Treatment at Lifestyle Addiction Rehab Center

Lifestyle Addiction Rehab centers Outpatient treatment program is provided for people dealing with substance abuse issues but not chronic addiction. Outpatient clients are able to remain in their own home environment, continue with work or schooling and receive treatment, therapy and support as well each day. Because everyone's schedule varies, outpatient treatment is provided in the mornings, afternoons and evenings as well.

Whether your substance use is chronic or not, alcohol and drug abuse takes a toll on every aspect of your life including those who love you the most. Substance abuse treatment programs like Lifestyle Addiction Rehab center completely understand what you're going through and what it takes to achieve freedom and long term happiness.

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