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Open Door Recovery Center provides effective substance abuse treatment programs for adolescents and adults that suffer from chemical addiction. They realize addiction is a disease and important steps must be taken for a person to overcome their need for drugs or alcohol in order to live their lives substance free and maintain long term sobriety.

Open Door Recovery Center has been helping people with substance abuse issues by providing high quality treatment since 1984, educating them and offering effective programs so they can learn to live happy productive lives without the need of drugs or alcohol. Family members and loved ones also suffer when a person in their life has a problem with alcohol or drugs. They too receive support and knowledge so that relationships can heal.

Adolescent and Adult programs provided by Open Door Recovery Center for chemical addiction.

A variety of programs for alcoholism and drug addiction are provided by Open Door Recovery Center for adolescents and adults which include; Adult and Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Programs, Family Programs, Relapse Prevention Programs, Outpatient Detox and Inpatient Detox, and In School Prevention Programs.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Alanon are wonderful and effective fellowship programs. As part of their treatment, clients at Open Door attend regular meetings in their community for alcohol or drug addiction.

Not only does a person need to be educated about their addiction during recovery, but they also are in need of counseling to work through problems and issues that have developed during their substance use. Many people have problems in their life that have never been addressed and they turn to alcohol or substance use as a way of coping with life's challenges. No matter what a person's life story is, they need to identify problems, work through them and develop ways of handling life's stresses in the future so they can maintain their abstinence and avoid relapse.

At Open Door Recovery Center in Ellsworth, Maine adolescents and adults are able to understand their use of alcohol or drugs, set goals and work toward a successful recovery because they receive knowledge, support and help from a dedicated staff who wants to see them succeed.

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