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Most rehab programs for alcohol or drug abuse offer either inpatient or outpatient treatment which can make it difficult for a person if they're not sure what setting would be most beneficial to their recovery. Some people need a detox program due to alcohol or drug addiction first before they're able to focus on healing and learning how to manage their recovery. Outpatient treatment is effective for some people recovering from substance abuse but many people need inpatient treatment and a structured environment while recovering from chemical dependence for various reasons. Not everyone recovers from drug or alcohol addiction at the same pace either and many people need to find a recovery center that offers treatment that fits a person's exact needs in terms of recovery time.

Sunrise Centre

If you're not sure what recovery setting you need for alcohol or drug dependence you should look into Sunrise Centre. They're located in Alpena, Michigan and offer various recovery settings so no matter what your substance abuse needs are, you will receive the individual treatment you personally need so you can heal and learn how to manage your recovery on a daily basis.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Settings

Sunrise Centre provides a Sub-Acute Detox program for individuals dependent on drugs or alcohol who are in need of detoxification before their treatment begins. Other treatment settings include:

  1. Short Term Residential Treatment
  2. Long Term Residential Treatment
  3. Outpatient Treatment

Long term recovery is attainable for people who receive help for alcohol and drug addiction but it doesn't happen overnight. Recovery takes time, accepting responsibility, dedication, education, and healthy positive support which client's receive at Sunrise Centre. Their treatment programs help a person to take responsibility, recognize their unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, and to develop positive healthy changes in their life that will promote long term sobriety.

Sunrise Centre has been helping adult men and women recover from chemical dependency since 1991 and because of their individually designed effective treatment plans their clients are able to achieve their recovery goals one step at a time. When a person is actively drinking or using drugs it's hard for them to imagine their life clean, sober and truly happy again, but recovery is possible and you don't have to do it alone. If you're looking for an addiction treatment program that will help you make positive changes in your life so that you don't have to live dependent or drugs or alcohol, look into Sunrise Centre in Alpena, Michigan. You will receive an individualized treatment plan and the education and support you need to heal emotionally and spiritually so you can embrace life again.

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