Mrs Wilsons Halfway House

A Treatment Facility in Morristown, New Jersey

When a person stops drinking or using drugs they don't realize how difficult the early stages of recovery can be. Once the withdrawal symptoms have passed, the days and weeks ahead can be extremely challenging because we have to change thoughts, habits and behaviors as well as learn how to deal with stress and temptations. In Morristown, New Jersey there's a place women can turn to for help, a place where a woman in early recovery can learn how to live her life without drugs or alcohol.

Halfway House for Women

Mrs. Wilson's Halfway House was founded in 1976 and provides a structured environment for women 18 and older to help them make changes in their life and learn how to manage their daily recovery from alcohol or drugs. The recovery program at Mrs. Wilson's Halfway House is based on the principles of the 12 Steps which provides a path of healing and long term sobriety. Residents at Mrs. Wilson's are able to heal all aspects of their life during recovery because their physical, emotional, spiritual and vocational needs are addressed.

Mrs. Wilson's Halfway House recovery program includes: Six to eight month stay, education about addiction, individual counseling, group counseling, family group counseling, women develop life skills, and participate in 12 Step Groups.

When alcohol or drugs have been a part of our lives for any length of time it's not easy taking on responsibilities in the beginning of recovery because everything seems overwhelming at first and most people don't even know how to begin. At Mrs. Wilson's Halfway House women are able to grow and become responsible because while in recovery they maintain full time employment in the community, they pay toward their treatment and they contribute to household duties.

Women are able to develop life skills, increase their self-esteem and improve their lives while working on their recovery at Mrs. Wilson's Halfway House. When we understand addiction, make healthy changes in our life and have a positive support system around us, long term recovery can be successfully achieved.

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