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Even though addiction can ruin a person's life it's not easy seeking help or overcoming the use of drugs or alcohol. Anyone can beat their addiction and get their life back on track if they obtain the right help and support. In New York whether a person's an alcoholic, binge drinker, abusing drugs or addicted to them they can find quality professional treatment at St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam.

St. Mary's Healthcare Addiction Services include both inpatient and outpatient levels of high quality care for those suffering from any addictive drug and/or alcohol dependence. Inpatient treatment services for addiction at St. Mary's Healthcare includes detoxification and their inpatient rehabilitation program consists of intensive treatment and length of treatment stay varies depending on the individual's needs.

Outpatient addiction services at St. Mary's Healthcare includes crisis intervention, evening intensive treatment for addiction, clinic services and an opioid treatment program for those dependent on prescription opioids and heroin.

Chemical dependency treatment services at St. Mary's Healthcare in Amsterdam are wide ranging and include the highest quality of professional addiction treatment and care. Most people addicted to drugs or alcohol need professional treatment to successfully achieve and maintain long-term abstinence. St. Mary's Healthcare addiction Services provides chemically dependent individuals with the essential help they need to succeed in their recovery and attain lasting abstinence.

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