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Services : Pregnant/postpartum Women, Partial Hospitalization (+35)
  (229) 255-2090     Albany, GA

Addiction affects everyone differently and when it comes to treating the disease, men and women have very different needs during their recovery so gender specific substance abuse programs are very beneficial. In Albany, Georgia, Opiate Treatment and Rehabilitation Center provides recovery services for adult women that have become dependent on prescription medications or addicted to other opiate drugs.

Services : Outpatient, Substance Abuse Treatment (+7)
  (770) 754-4674     Roswell, GA

Prescription opioids such as Dilaudid, Oxycontin and morphine are effective pain medications but they're also psychologically and physically addictive. The illicit drug heroin is processed from morphine and also a highly addictive opioid that's readily available on the streets.

Services : Methadone detoxification, Methadone maintenance (+8)
  (706) 552-0688     Athens, GA

The misuse of narcotic pain medications is one of the biggest problems of concern today in this country and people from all age groups are now struggling with the powerful effects associated with opiate abuse. Many people that are addicted to prescription opioid pain relievers like Vicodin have moved onto heroin because it's cheaper and much easier to obtain right now. People in all walks of life are suffering today from opiate addiction and even though there's medication assisted treatment available, most people aren't seeking help.

Services : Gays and Lesbians, Mental health services (+35)
  (706) 664-0799     Augusta, GA
Services : DUI/DWI offenders, Payment Assistance (+35)
  (678) 735-7475     Lawrenceville, GA
Services : Persons with HIV/AIDS, Partial Hospitalization (+35)
  (678) 712-1882     Covington, GA
Services : Women, Seniors/older adults (+35)
  (678) 573-5007     Tallapoosa, GA
Services : Beds for Client's Children, Substance Abuse Treatment (+35)
  (404) 602-0056     Atlanta, GA
Services : Co-Occurring Disorders, Private insurance (+12)
  (912) 287-4925     Waycross, GA
Services : Outpatient, Medicare (+10)
  (478) 322-5200     Warner Robins, GA
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