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Services : State Financed Insurance, Outpatient (+12)
  (207) 265-4555     Kingfield, ME
Kingfield has been home to Mt. Abram Regional Health Center since 1986. Residents from Carrabassett Valley, Coplin and Dallas Plantations, Eustis, Kingfield, New Portland, and Stratton, as well as other locations in and outside of Maine access a variety of primary care services at the practice. Our team of professionals works together with our patients by providing a "medical home" and using up-to-date knowledge and technology to provide the best possible care.
Services : Medicaid, Methadone maintenance (+9)
  (207) 872-7272     Waterville, ME

If you or someone you know are among the thousands of people in the U.S. addicted to heroin or are dependent on prescription narcotics like Oxycontin, Dilaudid or Hydrocodone then you know just how miserable the withdrawal symptoms can be. Once a person becomes addicted to painkillers or heroin the intense agony experienced from withdrawal is why an addict has to continue to use. That's why medication assisted opiate treatment is so effective in helping a person overcome their drug use for the long term.

Services : Detoxification, Self payment (+14)
  (207) 667-3210     Ellsworth, ME

Open Door Recovery Center provides effective substance abuse treatment programs for adolescents and adults that suffer from chemical addiction. They realize addiction is a disease and important steps must be taken for a person to overcome their need for drugs or alcohol in order to live their lives substance free and maintain long term sobriety.

Services : Adolescents, Private insurance (+11)
  (207) 767-0911     Kennebunkport, ME

With the continued increase in substance abuse among our youth, more and more young people are experimenting with both legal medications and illegal drugs unaware of the risks and future consequences their actions may bring. Unfortunately during adolescence young people don't realize the negative choices they make in their youth could significantly impact their life in an extremely harmful and damaging way.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Residential Long-Term (+11)
  (207) 784-2901     Auburn, ME
Services : Private insurance, Substance Abuse Treatment (+10)
  (207) 784-2901     Auburn, ME
Services : Medicaid, Women (+16)
  (207) 795-4065     Auburn, ME
Services : Self payment, Mental Health and Substances (+12)
  (207) 626-3448     Augusta, ME
Services : Hearing Impaired Assistance, Sliding fee scale (+11)
  (207) 547-3065     Augusta, ME
Services : Self payment, Men (+17)
  (207) 626-3420     Augusta, ME
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