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Services : Residential Short-Term, Residential Long-Term (+7)
  (989) 356-6649     Alpena, MI

Most rehab programs for alcohol or drug abuse offer either inpatient or outpatient treatment which can make it difficult for a person if they're not sure what setting would be most beneficial to their recovery. Some people need a detox program due to alcohol or drug addiction first before they're able to focus on healing and learning how to manage their recovery. Outpatient treatment is effective for some people recovering from substance abuse but many people need inpatient treatment and a structured environment while recovering from chemical dependence for various reasons. Not everyone recovers from drug or alcohol addiction at the same pace either and many people need to find a recovery center that offers treatment that fits a person's exact needs in terms of recovery time.

Services : Medicaid, Spanish (+9)
  (313) 493-4410     Detroit, MI

If your life's going downhill because painkillers or other drugs have taken control of your life you don't have to continue suffering. Getting help from addiction professionals may be a hard choice to make but proper treatment helps people regain control of their life so they can successfully overcome substance abuse.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Medicare (+12)
  (989) 356-6385     Alpena, MI
Services : Co-Occurring Disorders, Seniors/older adults (+15)
  (734) 930-0201     Ann Arbor, MI
Services : Private insurance, Substance Abuse Treatment (+9)
  (734) 973-1900     Ann Arbor, MI
Services : Hearing Impaired Assistance, Co-Occurring Disorders (+9)
  (734) 477-7450     Ann Arbor, MI
Services : Outpatient, Medicaid (+9)
  (734) 222-3500     Ann Arbor, MI
Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Detoxification (+5)
  (734) 669-8265     Ann Arbor, MI
Services : Residential Long-Term, Substance Abuse Treatment (+5)
  (734) 769-7366     Ann Arbor, MI
Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Criminal justice clients (+6)
  (734) 821-0216     Ann Arbor, MI
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