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Services : Sliding fee scale, Medicaid (+35)
  Burlington, NC

Chemical vapors are often inhaled by young people just to see what the experience would be like. Inhalants produce mind altering effects when the vapors are breathed in and because they're found most everywhere, it's not uncommon for many adolescents or teens to experiment with them at least once. Unfortunately some young people don't stop there and continue to repeat inhaling fumes often without realizing the dangers involved with huffing inhalants and their risk of 'sudden sniffing death'.

Services : Criminal justice clients, Hearing Impaired Assistance (+35)
  Greensboro, NC

Marijuana (cannabis) is the most commonly abused drug in the United States. People in all age groups smoke marijuana including young adolescents. We know a lot more today about the mental and physical effects marijuana use has on a person's health and we know that marijuana is addictive. There are many teens, young and older adults seeking treatment for marijuana addiction today because they're experiencing health problems and they're unable to quit on their own.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Outpatient (+11)
  Raleigh, NC

In North Carolina those seeking help for substance abuse from SouthLight Healthcare are able to obtain the necessary help they need to overcome their destructive behaviors and achieve a clean and sober lifestyle. The behavioral health services SouthLight provides to adults, adolescents and families are of exceptional quality and include compassionate and supportive care.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Criminal justice clients (+8)
  Shallotte, NC

When young and older adults seek treatment from Wilmington Treatment Center in North, Carolina, they receive high quality personalized care because they provide the best possible treatment available for addiction. Since founded almost 3 decades ago, Wilmington Treatment Center has been helping adults suffering with addiction overcome their substance use for the long term and turn their lives around for the better.

Services : Co-Occurring Disorders, Outpatient (+8)
  Asheville, NC

In the Carolinas, opiate painkiller addiction and heroin use is a major health concern affecting countless individuals and their families in North and South Carolina. Many residents of the Carolinas have found the personal help and support they need to free themselves from opiate pain medications and/or heroin and gain control of their life with the help of Carolina Treatment Centers.

Services : Pregnant/postpartum Women, Halfway house (+10)
  Murphy, NC
Services : Medicare, Gays and Lesbians (+35)
  Durham, NC
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  Hickory, NC
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  Charlotte, NC
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  Greenville, NC