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Services : Women, Partial Hospitalization (+35)
  Babylon, NY

Harmony Detox and Drug Rehab Center in Babylon, New York is dedicated to helping adults end their daily pain and suffering and enter a life of lasting freedom and recovery. If you're an adult 18 years of age and older struggling with chronic addiction, Harmony Detox and Drug Rehab Center provides a residential treatment program that will assist you in reaching long term sobriety and recovery.

Services : Medicaid, Sliding fee scale (+35)
  Smithtown, NY

Alcohol Dependent Support & Treatment services in New York offers a full continuum of care in a residential setting for adult men and women battling alcoholism. Each residents stay begins with detoxification and a full mental and physical evaluation and with the client's input, individualized treatment plans are developed accordingly.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Outpatient (+35)
  Ithaca, NY

GardenView Teen Addiction Therapy offers individualized help to adolescents struggling with substance use issues. Their outpatient treatment programs are designed to address their client's specific needs because there's numerous reasons teens begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Their outpatient substance abuse services include personalized treatment plans to help teens work through their substance use issues.

Services : Hospital inpatient, Military insurance (+35)
  Rochester, NY

If alcoholism or drug addiction is ruining your life and you're ready to receive the help you need to reach sobriety, there are many different treatment options you can choose from to help you or someone you know, recover. Because chemical dependency affects every aspect of your life it's important to find an addiction recovery program that addresses the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual destruction of this illness.

Services : Payment Assistance, Women (+35)
  Troy, NY

Healing Dependency and Intervention Rehab offers individuals the hope, encouragement and personal help and support they need to be successful in their recovery from substance abuse and addiction. Through intensive individualized therapy sessions, they identify and address underlying issues contributing to the individual's substance abuse so they can be successful in their recovery.

Services : Partial Hospitalization, Men (+35)
  Floral Park, NY

When we think about dependency, the first thought that usually comes to mind is drug addiction or alcoholism but there are many people who are struggling through life suffering from eating disorders and many are addicted to food. Instead of drinking or using substances to deal with emotions like depression, fear, anxiety, anger and stress, foods are used to dull the pain or fill voids.

Services : Halfway house, General Health Services (+35)
  Freeport, NY

The stimulant drug cocaine is still being abused by many people today and there are a lot of people throughout the United States who have formed addictions to this street drug and their live have been forever changed. Not everyone is chronically addicted to cocaine, some people in need of treatment can benefit from outpatient treatment but there are many men and women who are chronic cocaine users and need inpatient treatment in order to recover.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Women (+35)
  Garden City, NY

Not everyone that seeks help for alcohol problems is completely ready and willing to change but that doesn't mean treatment won't be successful either. Many people in the beginning only seek treatment because of pressure they receive from a spouse, loved one, employer or it's been required by the courts. It doesn't matter whether a person is ready to stop drinking or if they're pressured into treatment, they can overcome their alcohol problems with the right form of help and support.

Services : Residential Long-Term, Co-Occurring Disorders (+35)
  Rome, NY

Counseling is provided for adolescents and teenagers at Youth Center in Rome, New York and run by licensed therapist to assist with problems young people experience during this time in their lives. Because substance abuse is so prevalent among young people today, many of their clients are teens that experiment with drugs or alcohol and because of their choices they're risking addiction and serious health problems if they continue.

Services : Residential Long-Term, Men (+13)
  Westhampton Beach, NY

Thousands of chemically dependent individuals including their families have been assisted in their recovery journey by Seafield Center since they were founded almost 3 decades ago. Seafield Center offers superb chemical dependency treatment services which are located in New York for both adults and adolescents and various levels of high quality care.