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Services : Residential Long-Term, Substance Abuse Treatment (+4)
  (864) 223-0694     Greenwood, SC

The recovery path chemically dependent individuals take to overcome alcoholism or drug addiction varies from person to person. For many people, obtaining help and support from a Christian based recovery program helps them to find the strength and hope they need to free themselves from drugs and alcohol and successfully attain lifelong sobriety.

Services : Pregnant/postpartum Women, Substance Abuse Treatment (+9)
  (877) 693-1435     Anderson, SC

The misuse and intentional abuse of opioid narcotic medications has skyrocketed and today treatment for addiction to painkillers and other opiates is more needed than ever before. Street heroin is also an opiate that appears to be increasing in abuse. The increase is partially due to the fact that heroin is a lot cheaper on the streets right now compared to pain killers, more potent and highly obtainable. Prescription narcotic pain medications are not only harder to come by but the cost on the streets has gone up so they're more expensive than heroin is right now.

Services : Adolescents, Mental Health and Substances (+35)
  864-642-2458     Anderson, SC
Services : Hospital inpatient, Substance Abuse Treatment (+35)
  864-551-2398     Greenville, SC
Services : Mental Health and Substances, Seniors/older adults (+35)
  843-206-0371     Florence, SC
Services : Private insurance, Criminal justice clients (+35)
  803-720-5181     Sumter, SC
Services : Methadone detoxification, Outpatient (+35)
  803-720-5204     Columbia, SC
Services : General Health Services, Men (+35)
  803-675-5084     Orangeburg, SC
Services : Medicare, Outpatient (+11)
  (864) 847-1050     Williamston, SC
Services : Pregnant/postpartum Women, Women (+9)
  (803) 733-1372     West Columbia, SC
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