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The misuse of narcotic pain medications is one of the biggest problems of concern today in this country and people from all age groups are now struggling with the powerful effects associated with opiate abuse. Many people that are addicted to prescription opioid pain relievers like Vicodin have moved onto heroin because it's cheaper and much easier to obtain right now. People in all walks of life are suffering today from opiate addiction and even though there's medication assisted treatment available, most people aren't seeking help.

This is unfortunate because opiate addiction is treatable and there are many different treatment options available today to help a person safely and comfortably overcome their use of prescription painkillers or heroin. Opiate addiction is a progressive disease and without treatment can lead to serious health problems, accidental overdose and sadly death.

Methadone is an effective medication used in treating opioid addiction because it relieves the drug cravings and other symptoms of opiate withdrawal when a person stops their use. Methadone treatment gives a person the opportunity to focus on their individual recovery process without experiencing withdrawal symptoms that are very uncomfortable and commonly lead to relapse. Methadone Maintenance programs for the treatment of opiate addiction are available in most states today which includes the state of Georgia at The Athens Clinic.

Methadone Treatment for Opiate Addiction in Georgia

DM and ADR, Inc. is a treatment program located in Athens, Georgia that provides the help a person needs to overcome their use of opiate pain medications and/or heroin by utilizing methadone maintenance for their patients seeking recovery. Individuals recovering from opiate dependence at Athens Clinic don't just receive methadone while recovering from their addiction. Their patients also receive the additional important education, individual counseling, group therapy and support they need to begin making positive changes in their lives.

If you're suffering from opiate addiction don't make the mistake of thinking in time your illness will get better by itself or that treatment is a waste of time. Addiction is a progressive illness that continues to get worse, not better without proper treatment and support. Opiate treatment programs like DM and ADR, Inc. in Athens, Georgia provide their patients with methadone and the necessary tools they need to heal their minds, bodies and spirits so they can go on to lead happy, healthy and productive lives in the future.

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