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Services : Self payment, Military insurance (+10)
  (270) 681-4822     Lexington, KY

Alcoholism and drug addiction sadly brings pain, suffering and sadness into the lives of families everywhere. It doesn?t matter where a person lives, how much money they make or even what profession they?re in, the disease of addiction affects people in all walks of life. The Morton Center is an outpatient treatment facility in Kentucky that provides overall healing and recovery to individuals and families impacted by the disease of addiction.

Services : Military insurance, Detoxification (+7)
  (270) 803-0011     Lexington, KY

Life is full of challenges and sometimes stress and problems arise that need to be addressed and we need help working through them because we can't handle them on our own. Many of us also have had issues from our past that have never been addressed and dealt with such as abuse, loss of a loved one or grew up with a family member who had a substance abuse problem when we were young.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Outpatient (+19)
  (859) 759-0670     Shepherdsville, KY
Our Mission is to provide Bullitt and surrounding counties with a comprehensive treatment program for Opioid and Alcohol Use Disorders that holds both the patient and physician accountable to a higher standard. NuLease Medical Solutions seeks to provide the most professional and quality experience for our patients regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status. We strive to maintain the greatest level of privacy and confidentiality for both our patients and their families.
Services : Medicaid, Criminal justice clients (+11)
  (270) 200-4263     Albany, KY
Services : Military insurance, Substance Abuse Treatment (+12)
  (859) 309-6589     Ashland, KY
Services : Medicare, Criminal justice clients (+13)
  (502) 416-0559     Bedford, KY
Services : Pregnant/postpartum Women, Co-Occurring Disorders (+16)
  (270) 803-0011     Ashland, KY
Services : Self payment, Co-Occurring Disorders (+11)
  (502) 416-0559     Ashland, KY
Services : DUI/DWI offenders, Outpatient (+14)
  (270) 200-4279     Beattyville, KY
Services : Military insurance, Mental Health and Substances (+12)
  (270) 681-4822     Beaver Dam, KY
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