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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the use of medications such as methadone, suboxone, naltrexone or buprenorphine, in conjunction with behavioral health counseling, to provide a whole person approach to the treatment of opioid dependence. Research has demonstrated that the combination of medication and behavioral therapies is most successful when treating substance-use disorders.
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When drugs and alcohol are frequently abused addiction and the damage caused from use can occur very easily but unfortunately attaining a life of abstinence and recovery isn't that easy to accomplish. Countless people have been able to achieve sobriety and successfully turn their lives around with effective treatment and support though.

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Not everyone understands the disease of addiction so they don't understand why a person dependent on drugs or alcohol can't just stop on their own if they want to. They don't realize how intense and unbearable drug cravings and symptoms of substance abuse withdrawal can be. Because addiction changes the way the brain works, drug cravings take more than willpower to control and manage. Unless a person seeks help for their dependence to prescription drugs, alcohol or other substance use and learns how to manage their recovery, relapse continues to be a problem for them.

Addiction Recovery Systems ARS Pantops Clinic

If you're suffering from addiction to alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs or other substances and you want to learn how to successfully manage your recovery without experiencing intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms, ARS Pantops Clinic in Charlottesville, Virginia can provide that help. They understand how hard it is to manage abstinence and sobriety when you're dependent on drugs or alcohol. That's why they provide their client's with medication assisted treatment so they can focus on their recovery and not the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal.

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The teen years can be a difficult time for parents as well as teens. This is a time in a young person's life when they're really exploring who they are and becoming more independent which is normal and part of growing up. This is also a time in a teen's life when they may start making poor and risky decisions and begin going down the wrong path and parents may be in need of outside help to address their child's problems.

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If you reside in the state of Virginia and are looking for a counseling service that has years of experience helping people deal with problems and challenges in their life, Family Focus Counseling Service P.C. can help. There are many different reasons people seek counseling and it makes a huge difference in their lives when they do.

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Some people have a much more difficult time than others remaining abstinent from drugs and alcohol during their early recovery and because they're unable to maintain sobriety, they've relapsed numerous times. Everyone's recovery from chemical dependency is unique and some people need more help than others to maintain abstinence and achieve their long-term recovery goals.

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