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Services : Private insurance, Substance Abuse Treatment (+8)
  (701) 298-8108     Fargo, ND

The abuse of drugs and alcohol is a serious problem that's felt among families and communities throughout the United States. The abuse of alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and other illicit substances are affecting lives at an alarming rate anymore in many areas of the U.S. and effective treatment is needed more now than ever before. Many people in need of help for substance abuse don't even know where to begin looking for a place that will provide the treatment they so desperately need.

Services : DUI/DWI offenders, Outpatient (+14)
  (701) 282-6561     Fargo, ND

Since 1975, ShareHouse which is located in Fargo, North Dakota has been helping adult men and women suffering from alcohol/drug addictions. They offer intensive primary treatment and their staff are always ready to assist their clients and their family members move toward a life of healthy recovery. There are many different effective programs offered at ShareHouse to help their clients understand the disease of alcohol and drug addiction, prevent relapse and learn to manage their individual recovery. These programs include:

Services : Residential Short-Term, Substance Abuse Treatment (+9)
  (701) 222-4673     Bismarck, ND

Even though denial is one of the biggest reasons people don?t seek help on their own if they have a drinking problem or battling drug addiction, it?s not the only reason. Some people want to receive help for their substance use or gambling problems but don?t exactly know for sure what treatment programs are available.

Services : Co-Occurring Disorders, Private insurance (+12)
  (701) 774-7409     Williston, ND
Services : Medicaid, Adolescents (+12)
  (701) 872-3745x109     Sentinel Butte, ND
Services : Medicaid, Hospital inpatient (+14)
  (701) 857-2480     Minot, ND
Services : Partial Hospitalization, Women (+17)
  (701) 857-8500x8511     Minot, ND
Services : Outpatient, Self payment (+14)
  (701) 852-3628     Minot, ND
Services : Outpatient, Hearing Impaired Assistance (+15)
  (701) 476-7200     Fargo, ND
Services : Medicare, Medicaid (+12)
  (701) 461-5300     Fargo, ND
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