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Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Residential Long-Term (+4)
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There are people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction all over the world, including New England. Phoenix House New Hampshire helps adults and adolescents break free from the clutches of addiction so they can heal. Established in 1967, Phoenix Houses of New England is a premier non-profit substance abuse treatment agency that provides excellent quality services to individuals suffering from addiction.

Services : Payment Assistance, Substance Abuse Treatment (+12)
  (603) 448-4872x211     Lebanon, NH

New Hampshire is a beautiful picturesque state with beautiful state parks, historical sites, lakes, beaches and even mountains in the Northeast portion of their state. Like everywhere else throughout the United States, many residents of New Hampshire suffer from drug addiction and alcoholism and are in need of intervention and help.

Services : Outpatient, Methadone maintenance (+13)
  (603) 622-4747     Manchester, NH

There's a definite need today for substance abuse programs that provide opiate treatment because prescription pain medications, heroin and other opiates are so heavily abused. Opiate addiction isn't easily overcome for most people either especially if they've been dependent on them for a long period of time. Cravings and uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal make it very difficult for a person to remain drug free on a daily basis unless they receive individual treatment and help.

Services : Medicare, Substance Abuse Treatment (+13)
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The Farnum Center understands how important it is for you to get the help you need right away; that is why we have a new screening process called Open Access. Open Access is a walk in service available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 10:00am. You will be seen by one of the clinicians who will complete a thorough assessment and discuss with you what level of care would be most appropriate.
Services : Residential Short-Term, Substance Abuse Treatment (+6)
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In New Hampshire, whether a person's dealing with alcoholism, drug addiction or a lesser degree of substance abuse issues, Farnum Center can provide the level of treatment and care they need to attain a life of sobriety. More than a thousand residents yearly benefit from the exceptional quality drug and alcohol treatment services Farnum Center provides.

Services : Self payment, Outpatient (+7)
  (603) 752-7404     Berlin, NH
Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Residential Long-Term (+9)
  (603) 783-9104     Canterbury, NH
Services : Self payment, Outpatient (+12)
  (603) 237-4955     Colebrook, NH
Services : Self payment, Outpatient (+10)
  (603) 447-2111     Conway, NH
Services : Private insurance, Substance Abuse Treatment (+7)
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