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If you're a Missouri resident seeking drug or alcohol treatment for yourself or a loved one, Harris House offers a range of high quality recovery services for individuals ages 18 and up. For more than 5 decades Harris House has been helping chemically dependent individuals attain a life of healthy sobriety and lead productive lives through their exceptional treatment and care.

Services : Co-Occurring Disorders, Persons with HIV/AIDS (+35)
  (816) 396-0256     Joplin, MO

Pineville Recovery for Addiction is located in Joplin Missouri and provides both short term and long term inpatient treatment for their residents while they overcome their use of drugs or alcohol and recover from addiction. Their clients receive personalized treatment programs to ensure long term abstinence and recovery.

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  (636) 486-0854     Columbia, MO

When a person has a gambling problem or a combined gambling and alcohol addiction, it not only begins to cause problems with their emotional health and many times financial stability, but can also affect their relationships, career and physical health too.

Services : Persons with HIV/AIDS, Mental health services (+35)
  (573) 303-5857     Mexico, MO

For a very long time, marijuana also referred to as cannabis, has been the most common drug of choice not only by young people, but by young and older adults as well. No matter where you live throughout the United States, marijuana is still the most used substance no matter what age you are. Some people are able to smoke marijuana occasionally and even though they can experience some long term effects, they don't become addicted and are able to stop if they choose to.

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  (314) 549-5171     Saint Peters, MO

There is no magic cure for addiction, recovery has to be managed every day and gets easier over time. It's very common for people to relapse during their long-term recovery especially when faced with unexpected challenges and stress takes place in our lives, which happens all the time. Even though a person has gone through treatment for their addiction, most people need guidance and support at times when their recovery becomes challenging.

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  (314) 549-5171     Liberty, MO

At one time, it was extremely difficult for people recovering from heroin addiction to maintain abstinence due to the withdrawal symptoms a person experienced during their early recovery. Heroin cravings and other symptoms of opiate withdrawal made it hard for a person to remain clean, especially in the beginning phase of their treatment. Today, Suboxone is available for people recovering from heroin or other opiate addictions and is an effective form of treatment because the medication helps to reduce symptoms of withdrawal.

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  (636) 238-3072     Kansas City, MO

There are many different underlying reasons a person may turn to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling or food to make themselves feel better but unless they're able to determine why it can be difficult changing these behaviors. Not everyone that struggles with addiction began making poor choices due to an underling issue but overtime, developed dependency with continued use. Unhealthy thinking influences behavior and needs to be addressed in order to change negative thoughts and behaviors.

Services : Women, Co-Occurring Disorders (+35)
  (573) 303-5876     Blue Springs, MO

Prescription painkillers are so widely abused recreationally today that the demand for opiate treatment is extremely high throughout the U.S. Sadly prescription opiates are also a gateway for heroin use as well anymore because the illegal drug is widely available and much cheaper than painkillers right now. People are in need of treatment for opiate addiction more now than ever before and seeking help from programs that provide medications like Suboxone to help them recover.

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  (816) 396-8714     St. Louis, MO

Unless a person learns how to live successfully without drinking or using drugs, staying clean and sober isn't an easy thing for them to do when they're dealing with addiction. It's not just the cravings and symptoms of withdrawal that makes recovery from addiction difficult, destructive thinking and unhealthy behaviors have to be modified too or it's next to impossible to successfully avoid temptations. Underlying problems that may have led to destructive behaviors need to be addressed as well if they exist.

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  (573) 303-5857     Sainte Genevieve, MO

If you're struggling with a gambling problem you're far from alone, gambling addiction is a progressive illness that affects the lives of millions of people throughout the United States but it's also very treatable. Compulsive gambling can cause numerous problems in a person's life no matter what their gambling preference may be, scratch offs and lottery tickets has led to financial ruin for many people.

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