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Services : Adolescents, Pregnant/postpartum Women (+18)
  (918) 664-4224     Tulsa, OK

Since everyone's addiction treatment needs are different, sometimes finding a recovery program that offers various levels of care can be difficult. There's a very different recovery center in Tulsa, Oklahoma called 12 & 12 Inc. that helps adult men and women regain control of their life from substance abuse by providing them with the level of treatment they personally need to recover. They not only help men and women stop drinking or abusing drugs but they help them to restore their emotional and physical health and wellbeing too. They educate their clients and help them make positive changes in their life so they can rebuild their lives and continue to remain substance free.

Services : Beds for Client's Children, Residential Short-Term (+21)
  (918) 682-7210     Muskogee, OK

Founded in 1984, Monarch in Muskogee, Oklahoma is a very unique treatment program for chemically dependent women because their extraordinary services include treating pregnant women and women with young children also. Because Monarch utilizes a holistic approach, their female client's obtain the personal help and treatment they need to heal mentally, physically and spiritually transforming their lives.

Services : Detoxification, Self payment (+7)
  (800) 468-6933     Canadian, OK

Has alcohol or other drugs taken over your life or causing problems in the life of someone you care about? Substance abuse is a serious concern nationwide and of the millions of people suffering from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction, a huge percentage haven't yet obtained treatment and many that have, sadly continue to struggle achieving recovery.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Pregnant/postpartum Women (+17)
  (580) 364-0700     Atoka, OK

When someone's abusing alcohol or any other drug they're sadly unable to grasp the level of damage their behavior is causing in their life. Not only is their mental and physical health compromised from their substance use, the impact caused from their destructive behavior touches all areas of their life including their loved ones wellbeing.

Services : Women, Payment Assistance (+11)
  (918) 430-0975     Tulsa, OK

If you're a woman and in need of treatment for chemical dependency, Tulsa Women and Children's Center (TWCC) in Oklahoma provides their clients with "cost-effective clinical and medical treatment" in a caring and sensitive environment to help them heal from dependency. TWCC is a gender specific (women's), chemical dependence center that treats their clients with dignity and respect providing them with individualized treatment that's based on their individual needs and the "severity of her addiction".

Services : Private insurance, Residential Short-Term (+7)
  (918) 786-2930     Grove, OK

Men and women seeking help for alcohol or drug addiction in Oklahoma can bring serenity and freedom back into their lives when they obtain treatment from House of Hope because they provide quality compassionate care. House of Hope in Grove, Oklahoma offers men and women the opportunity to successfully overcome their use of drugs or alcohol and heal so they can embrace a new way of life.

Services : Detoxification, Military insurance (+9)
  (918) 225-1736     Cushing, OK

An overwhelmingly amount of people in this country have a drug or alcohol problem today that aren't seeking help and it's sad because a lot of progress has been made in terms of treatment. Alcohol and drugs are abused at an alarming rate anymore destroying lives and relationships everywhere and people still aren't reaching out for help. There's no cure for alcoholism or drug addiction but the illnesses can be overcome if a person receives the proper treatment and they want to get better.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Private insurance (+10)
  (580) 477-2871     Altus, OK

Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction is different for everyone and treatment has to be designed to meet the needs of the individual receiving help. The level of treatment a person needs to recover from chemical dependency isn't the same for everyone. It's extremely important for anyone seeking recovery from alcohol dependency or drug addiction to receive the right level of treatment they personally need to overcome their substance use.

Services : Military insurance, Payment Assistance (+15)
  (918) 256-7841x604     Vinita, OK
Services : Persons with HIV/AIDS, Methadone maintenance (+7)
  (918) 610-3366     Tulsa, OK
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