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Mountainside is a nationally acclaimed substance abuse treatment center providing individualized alcoholism and drug addiction treatment to men and women aged 18 and over. At Mountainside, we believe in caring for the client’s entire needs, beyond the drug addiction diagnosis. With our holistic wellness treatment philosophy, we identify a client’s personal strengths and goals and care for our clients to facilitate change and empowerment for a healthier life.
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It's normal for a person to think they have their substance use under control even though their alcohol or drug use is affecting their emotional and physical health and other important areas of their life. Most people feel they can stop drinking or using drugs on their own and beat their addiction without outside help, but unfortunately it's not always that easy. The majority of people who have successfully stopped drinking or doing drugs will tell you that without support and some form of outside help, they could have never stopped their substance use, maintained their abstinence and overcome their addiction.

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Most people who have problems with drugs or alcohol are apprehensive about seeking treatment for their addiction and one of the reasons is due to the detoxification process and withdrawal symptoms. There are also a lot of people who have detoxed on their own or have sought help from a detox center and relapsed because there was no follow up treatment or counseling received when their detoxification process was completed.

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When a person's life is falling apart due to alcohol or drug use most people don't even know where to begin searching for help. Families and loved ones are also at a loss sometimes if someone they care about has a drinking problem or drug addiction because they don't always have someone to confide in but are in desperate need of helpful guidance and support.

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Millions of people struggle through life every day because their unable to stop drinking, using drugs or a combination of both. The problems and serious consequences of substance abuse not only affects the individual struggling, but also their families, friends and in many ways, society as a whole. It's sad that people are continuing to suffer because there's a vast range of effective treatment options available today for treating substance use problems, addiction and mental health illness.

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If a person is struggling with a substance abuse disorder in Connecticut, they don't have to search hard to find a recovery program that provides the level of treatment and care they need to overcome their use of drugs or alcohol. Not all recovery programs provide various levels of care for individuals seeking help for their alcohol or drug abuse problems, but the McCall Foundation does.

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Life can be very challenging for anyone that is struggling with chemical addiction or mental health illness but these serious medical conditions also commonly occur together which just intensifies their painful battle. With effective treatment and healthy support though, people can make the necessary lifestyle changes needed to achieve and maintain a healthy life of recovery from chemical dependency and mental health illness.

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Services : Self payment, Residential Long-Term (+5)
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