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Services : Persons with HIV/AIDS, Detoxification (+35)
  979-221-6175     Sealy, TX

Programs that provide medically assisted detoxification and substance abuse treatment are a necessity throughout the United States anymore due to the widespread abuse of drugs and alcohol. In Texas, Santos Addiction and Support Center offers hope and recovery to people that want to stop drinking or using drugs on an outpatient basis. Their outpatient substance abuse program includes medically assisted detoxification for young and older adults who are ready to make changes in their life and begin healing.

Services : Medicaid, Halfway house (+35)
  512-501-6344     Smithville, TX

If you're looking for a rehab program that helps people stop drinking or using drugs and teaches them how to live life comfortably and successfully without them, there's a substance abuse treatment center in Texas that can help. Ashton Point Treatment for Addiction (APTA) offers many different services for people wanting to free themselves from alcohol or drug use and provides them with the knowledge and skills they need to remain substance free. No two people are alike and when it comes to substance abuse treatment, everyone's needs and problems are different. At APTA there are various types of substance abuse services available depending on a person's needs during their treatment and recovery process.

Services : Mental Health and Substances, Self payment (+35)
  972-793-8824     Grand Prairie, TX

Many different types of drugs are abused in the state of Texas, some more commonly abused than others. Alcohol is the primary substance of abuse in the state by adults but it's also the most abused drug among their youth. The abuse of prescription drugs and over the counter medications is also a problem of concern in the state of Texas as well as marijuana, synthetic cannabis, meth, and heroin.

Services : Private insurance, Mental Health and Substances (+35)
  956-287-3693     Edinburg, TX

For nearly 17 years the Harmony Ridge Program has helped men and women from all walks of life stop drinking and successfully remain sober through their outpatient alcoholism treatment services. The Harmony Ridge program provides adult men and women with personalized 12 step treatment, education and group support while working toward long-term sobriety.

Services : DUI/DWI offenders, Spanish (+35)
  956-205-0292     Brownsville, TX

Many people dependent on drugs or alcohol have been suffering with their addiction for years before they seek help and need a more intensive level of treatment to overcome substance use. Not only is addiction powerful, it's a destructive relapsing disease that's difficult and challenging to overcome. Good quality treatment can offer chemically dependent people the critical help and support they need to turn their lives around.

Services : Hearing Impaired Assistance, Military insurance (+35)
  915-288-3005     El Paso, TX

Modella Substance Abuse Rehab Facility provides alcohol and drug treatment services in both residential and outpatient settings because not everyone requires around the clock care to achieve abstinence and recovery. Their clients are adult men and women 18 and older and come from all walks of life, the abuse of drugs and alcohol is a widespread problem and can affect anyone no matter what their social or economic status may be.

Services : Beds for Client's Children, Detoxification (+35)
  469-941-0561     Dallas, TX

When a person is seeking treatment for cocaine addiction they're in need of a recovery program that includes a full medical evaluation so that all aspects of their health can be addressed while they recover. Both cocaine and crack cocaine are very powerful drugs that cause serious emotional and physical problems. The longer a person goes without receiving help the more chronic their cocaine addiction becomes and the more serious their health related issues can get.

Services : Methadone detoxification, Mental health services (+35)
  469-645-1168     Lewisville, TX

Prichard Sobriety Center for Women in Lewisville, Texas offers intensive outpatient alcohol treatment services to adult females 18 and older seeking recovery. Their outpatient treatment program is designed specifically for women that are able to remain at home and continue with other responsibilities while working on their recovery.

Services : State Financed Insurance, Substance Abuse Treatment (+35)
  281-907-9538     Katy, TX

Anyone addicted to powerful opiate drugs understands just how miserable this addiction and way of life can be and sadly millions of people today can relate. Opiates are dangerously addictive and Vermont much like many other parts of the U.S. has seen a major increase in people affected by heroin and prescription painkiller abuse.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Adolescents (+35)
  281-907-9537     Baytown, TX

Substance abuse is a widespread problem in Texas and as a result numerous people are in need of treatment for alcohol or drug addictions. Regardless of the substance abused, Harvestor Intervention and Treatment Services helps people in Texas break their cycle of addiction and begin living a life of abstinence.

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