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Services : Outpatient, Substance Abuse Treatment (+9)
  (318) 728-2970     Rayville, LA

Life can be difficult for everyone at times but when a person is struggling with addiction, each day can be filled with uncertainty, desperation, hopelessness and despair. Addiction in any form is a progressive illness meaning it doesn't just magically go away, it continues to get worse if left untreated. Overcoming addiction of any kind can be very difficult even if a person recognizes their need for help and wants to recover.

Services : Military insurance, Substance Abuse Treatment (+14)
  (318) 484-6888     Pineville, LA

In Louisiana, Red River Treatment Center provides detoxification and a rehabilitation program for citizens in need of help for problems with drugs or alcohol. The level of alcohol and drug use throughout the United States is very high today and the serious problems substance abuse causes, affects every aspect of a person's life.

Services : Gays and Lesbians, Hearing Impaired Assistance (+20)
  (337) 942-1171     Opelousas, LA

During adolescents many young people experiment with tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, or other drugs occasionally but it's just a short phase, and fortunately are able to stop without suffering any serious consequences. Some adolescents though may start out experimenting with tobacco, pot, drinking alcohol or trying other drugs and for various reasons but will continue and eventually become dependent on one of them.

Services : Gays and Lesbians, Adolescents (+16)
  (225) 667-3933     Denham Springs, LA

If you're a female 14 and above dependent on drug on drugs or alcohol, beginning your recovery with The Journey Home can change and improve your life in every way because their treatment program addresses all aspects of recovery. The Journey Home also provides dual diagnosis treatment for chemically dependent females battling mental health conditions and many other serious issues such as trauma, grief and loss.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Halfway house (+6)
  (225) 344-6345     Baton Rouge, LA

Addiction has no boundaries it affects people from all walks of life and sadly ends up damaging the lives of men, women, children and families everywhere. Even though there's no cure for addiction a person can overcome their use of alcohol and drugs, heal and live productive healthy lives when they reach out for help at O'Brien House.

Services : Private insurance, Outpatient (+11)
  (318) 357-3283     Natchitoches, LA

A mental health clinic located in Louisiana called Natchitoches Center For Addicted Disorders provides the help and treatment people need if they have problems with drugs, alcohol, gambling and co-occurring disorders. Today there is a widespread need for effective treatment to help people suffering from addiction because so many lives today are being destroyed and torn apart from this disease. In Natchitoches, Louisiana there's treatment available to help people make the necessary changes in their life so they can go on to live healthy happy lives in the future.

Services : State Financed Insurance, Hearing Impaired Assistance (+11)
  (318) 329-4525     West Monroe, LA
Services : Self payment, Sliding fee scale (+11)
  (985) 646-6401     Slidell, LA
Services : Mental health services, Substance Abuse Treatment (+7)
  (985) 641-7185x202     Slidell, LA
Services : Self payment, Hearing Impaired Assistance (+10)
  (318) 632-2010     Shreveport, LA
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