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When you're suffering with alcohol or drug addiction recovery doesn't take place overnight. For most people, recovery from chemical dependency is a gradual process that requires professional help to achieve and maintain abstinence for the long term. The journey from addiction to recovery can be very difficult but lasting abstinence can be attained and you can change your life for the better with effective treatment and healthy support.

Services : Outpatient, Self payment (+5)
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The effects alcohol and drug abuse have on a person's life can be devastating to the individual as well as their loved ones. Lifelong freedom from chemical dependency can be achieved but the first step involves obtaining help. There are numerous effective alcohol and drug abuse treatment options available for individuals wanting to obtain recovery and if you reside in Nebraska, The Discovery Center in Omaha provides effective affordable care.

Services : Residential Short-Term, Self payment (+7)
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In Nebraska, residents of the Panhandle and surrounding areas struggling with substance abuse problems can obtain the help they need to begin their successful recovery journey from NEPSAC (North East Panhandle Substance Abuse Center).

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When a woman is dependent on alcohol or drugs, the illness not only destroys their emotional and physical health but it strips them of their self-esteem and self-worth. In order to fully heal from addiction all areas of a person's life have to be addressed and they have to be willing and committed to their recovery. If you're a woman struggling with addiction and you're ready to make healthy positive changes in your life, a residential treatment program like Santa Monica House can provide the treatment, education and support you need to overcome your addiction and empower your life.

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Entering a treatment program for drug or alcohol problems isn't the easiest thing to do for a person. Substance abuse recovery requires abstinence and change and that's extremely difficult to imagine let alone actually do if you're dependent on alcohol or drugs. Many rehab centers provide quality substance abuse services but they're extremely expensive too, which can make a big difference in deciding where to look or even if treatment can be obtained.

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