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Services : Methadone maintenance, Private insurance (+35)
  (907) 268-4185     Anchorage, AK

North Point Substance Abuse Rehab is a residential treatment center in Anchorage, Alaska that began treating people with drug and alcohol addiction over 10 years ago. They realize that no two people are alike and that not everyone needs the same form of treatment so they provide their clients with long and short term inpatient treatment. Their staff realizes that individuals with more chronic dependence and addiction issues need more time to work on their recovery before returning home and entering back into society.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Adolescents (+18)
  (907) 268-4185     Anchorage, AK
Working together with the Native Community to achieve wellness through health and related services.
Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Self payment (+6)
  (907) 268-4185     Anchorage, AK

Are you looking for a substance abuse program that will take your own unique recovery needs into consideration during treatment for alcohol or drug addiction? Most people that have a problem with alcohol or drugs aren't even sure how their life got so out of control in the first place. Finding a treatment program that helps you stop drinking or using drugs is important, but there's a lot more a person needs to understand, learn and change if they want to remain clean and sober in the future.

Services : Outpatient, DUI/DWI offenders (+14)
  (907) 268-4185     Wasilla, AK
Services : Outpatient, Mental Health and Substances (+11)
  (907) 268-4185     Valdez, AK
Services : Mental Health and Substances, Adolescents (+13)
  (907) 268-4185     Unalaska, AK
Services : Residential Short-Term, Detoxification (+13)
  (907) 268-4185     Soldotna, AK
Services : Mental Health and Substances, Substance Abuse Treatment (+9)
  (907) 268-4185     Sitka, AK
Services : Mental Health and Substances, Outpatient (+9)
  (907) 268-4185     Nenana, AK
Services : Residential Long-Term, Partial Hospitalization (+9)
  (907) 268-4185     Kotzebue, AK
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