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Services : Women, Self payment (+13)
  (406) 443-2343     Helena, MT

If you're looking for a state approved chemical dependency treatment program that has years of experience working with people who are chemically dependent, Boyd Andrew Community Services in Montana can help. They have been helping people since 1974 successfully reach their recovery goals and improve their lives.

Services : Residential Short-Term, Co-Occurring Disorders (+16)
  (406) 248-3175     Billings, MT

Unless you've been there yourself, you may think overcoming an addiction to be relatively simple, just a matter of stopping the negative behavior once and for all but unfortunately it's far from that easy. Overcoming any level of alcohol or drug addiction can be extremely challenging but it's also very difficult for a person to overcome sexual addiction, any eating disorder or problem gambling behavior.

Services : State Financed Insurance, Private insurance (+14)
  (406) 338-6330     Browning, MT

A very unique treatment program for alcohol and drug addiction is located in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains called Crystal Creek Lodge. Crystal Creek Lodge is a Blackfeet chemical dependency program that provides help for adult and adolescent Blackfeet Indians and anyone else in need of help for addiction. They're devoted to helping people turn their lives around and live life free from drugs and alcohol so they're able to live a healthy productive lifestyle.

Services : Gays and Lesbians, Sliding fee scale (+23)
  (406) 672-2693     Laurel, MT
Services : DUI/DWI offenders, State Financed Insurance (+12)
  (406) 883-7310     Polson, MT
Services : Detoxification, Outpatient (+16)
  (406) 327-3020     Missoula, MT
Services : Residential Long-Term, State Financed Insurance (+7)
  (406) 854-2832     Marion, MT
Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Military insurance (+6)
  (406) 731-4451     Malmstrom AFB, MT
Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, State Financed Insurance (+11)
  (406) 756-3950     Kalispell, MT
Services : Detoxification, Medicaid (+21)
  (406) 727-8832     Great Falls, MT
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