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Services : Residential Short-Term, Residential Long-Term (+8)
  (808) 293-7555     Kahuku, HI

When a young person is in need of treatment for drug or alcohol use it's important to find the best help possible so they can overcome their substance use and look forward to a healthy and happy future. Many young and older adults today started drinking or experimenting with drugs when they were young and didn't receive the help they needed and are now struggling through life dependent on them. It's imperative to find help for our children when they're young if they have a problem with alcohol or drugs. With effective treatment and support, young people are able to stop making unhealthy choices and learn the importance of healthy thinking and positive behaviors.

Services : Women, Military insurance (+13)
  (808) 579-9584     Makawao, HI

Aloha House provides substance abuse and mental health services to individuals residing in Maui County that want to make positive changes in their life and regain control. Aloha House offers an atmosphere of tranquility and peacefulness that promotes healing in itself because it located in Maui, Hawaii. For more than thirty years Aloha House has helped people find healing and recovery from the serious impact drugs and alcohol has had on their lives.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Adolescents (+8)
  (808) 484-1000     Aiea, HI

If you're suffering from substance abuse issues and are seeking a Christian Counseling approach for recovery, New Horizons Hawaii can not only help you heal emotionally and physically but spiritually as well. Their addiction outpatient program provides specialized treatment for substance abuse and is overseen by their nation-wide network of psychotherapists and professionals and offers an effective alternative to traditional group approaches to treatment.

Services : Hearing Impaired Assistance, Hospital inpatient (+19)
  (808) 671-8511     Ewa Beach, HI
Services : Adolescents, Substance Abuse Treatment (+6)
  (808) 848-2494     Ewa Beach, HI
Services : Criminal justice clients, Outpatient (+8)
  (808) 884-5302     Hawi, HI
Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Persons with HIV/AIDS (+16)
  (808) 935-4927     Hilo, HI
Services : Criminal justice clients, Outpatient (+15)
  (808) 961-6822x15     Hilo, HI
Services : Persons with HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse Treatment (+18)
  (808) 538-0704     Honolulu, HI
Services : Private insurance, Substance Abuse Treatment (+15)
  (808) 841-2319     Honolulu, HI
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