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Services : Residential Long-Term, Halfway house (+8)
  (662) 329-4333     Columbus, MS

It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman going through life with a problem with alcohol or drugs. When you are chemically dependent you stop living and are unable to live life to your full potential because addiction destroys your whole life. Alcoholism and drug addiction doesn't just affect your health, it creates problem in all aspects of your life. Without professional and experienced help from people who are dedicated to their client's successful recovery from chemical dependency, many people risk chronic addiction, possible overdose and even death.

Services : Self payment, State Financed Insurance (+12)
  (662) 624-4905     Dublin, MS

Substance abuse among adolescents has gotten so rampant that more parents and caregivers are seeking treatment services for their teens than ever before. The use of alcohol, prescription medications and some other drugs has gotten so popular among teens that it's sadly becoming a normal part of their social life and that's devastating. Not only are teens drinking and misusing prescription drugs, they often mix them together with other drugs which is extremely dangerous.

Services : Women, Private insurance (+12)
  (601) 544-1499     Moselle, MS

A dedicated and compassionate staff is waiting to help you or someone you know heal from the effects addiction has had on your life including any other underlying mental health problems, at Clearview Recovery Center in Moselle, Mississippi. Clearview provides their clients with residential treatment for drug and other addictive disorders and behaviors and has been doing so since 1979. They have decades of experience helping people understand their addiction and provide the education, guidance, and support necessary to remain substance free.

Services : Residential Long-Term, Men (+6)
  (228) 826-5283     Ocean Springs, MS

If you're struggling with alcohol or drug addiction and you're seeking a serene spiritual recovery path, Home of Grace offers wonderful non-denominational faith-based recovery programs that will bring healing and serenity into your life.

Services : Adolescents, Mental Health and Substances (+16)
  (601) 824-0342     Brandon, MS
Services : Medicaid, Substance Abuse Treatment (+11)
  (662) 647-3240     Charleston, MS
Services : DUI/DWI offenders, Mental health services (+13)
  (662) 627-7267     Clarksdale, MS
Services : Medicaid, DUI/DWI offenders (+12)
  (601) 765-4514     Collins, MS
Services : Private insurance, Self payment (+13)
  (662) 846-7556x113     Cleveland, MS
Services : DUI/DWI offenders, State Financed Insurance (+11)
  (601) 736-6799     Columbia, MS
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