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Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Residential Short-Term (+13)
  (775) 738-8004     Elko, NV

Addiction is painful whether the chronic illness involves drugs or alcohol and sadly many of those suffering have problems with multiple substances today. A growing number of adolescents are experimenting with alcohol and trying drugs because they truly don't understand the extreme risks involved and how easily experimentation can lead to addiction down the road ruining their young lives.

Services : Outpatient, Self payment (+23)
  (775) 423-1412x1     Fallon, NV

Are you dependent on drugs, have a drinking problem, addicted to cigarettes, or have a gambling problem? If so, you understand just how hard it is to make changes in your life, stop drinking or abusing drugs, or stop any other addictive behaviors you may have. Many people have tried to stop and get hold of their addictive behaviors on their own only to find themselves right back where they started from in a short period of time.

Services : Women, Private insurance (+15)
  (775) 787-9411x209     Reno, NV

Many women throughout the United States are struggling form addiction and their children are suffering too. A lot of these women have no place to go for help, they don't have a job, and due to their substance use are sometimes not able to be with their children or be a mother to them because they're unable to even take care of themselves. When mothers are unable to get help and treatment for their substance use, their lives continue to spiral out of control and their children continue to suffer as well.

Services : Men, Substance Abuse Treatment (+16)
  (702) 646-5000     Henderson, NV
Seven Hills Hospital offers medical and psychiatric care to adults and adolescents (ages 12 and up) suffering from mental health issues, alcoholism and drug abuse and set a high standard of psychiatric care and addiction rehabilitation.
Services : Self payment, Outpatient (+12)
  (702) 474-6450     Las Vegas, NV

In Las Vegas Nevada if a person is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction they have the opportunity to seek help and guidance from an experienced mental health and substance abuse counseling service to help them overcome their addiction, heal and reach their goals of recovery.

Services : Co-Occurring Disorders, Adolescents (+12)
  (775) 885-4460     Carson City, NV
Services : Hearing Impaired Assistance, Spanish (+17)
  (775) 885-4460     Carson City, NV
Services : Self payment, Private insurance (+7)
  (775) 738-0166     Elko, NV
Services : Outpatient, Private insurance (+10)
  (775) 738-8004     Elko, NV
Services : Adolescents, Medicaid (+12)
  (702) 451-4203     Henderson, NV
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