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Services : Mental health services, Medicare (+35)
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Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug and can be a difficult addiction to treat once a person becomes dependent because extremely intense cravings can continue to be experienced well after the use of cocaine has stopped. Recovery programs that specialize in treating cocaine abuse and addiction provide the levels of treatment a person needs to overcome their addiction. Not everyone has the same level of dependence to cocaine when they begin treatment so it's important that their recovery program is designed to target the needs of each person individually.

Services : Detoxification, Sliding fee scale (+35)
  (802) 428-4698     Thetford, VT

Many people with a 'gambling problem' don't feel the term refers to them because they associate 'compulsive gambling' with casinos, slot machines and card games. Most people don't think that internet gambling, sports betting, horse track gambling, or excessive purchasing of scratch-off and lottery tickets fall into the same category. It's common for a pathological gambler to be in denial even though their impulsive behavior is having a negative effect on their life. Many times there are underlying reasons behind a person's gambling addiction but unless they receive treatment and support, their life usually only gets worse.

Services : Private insurance, Mental Health and Substances (+34)
  (802) 221-4687     Newfane, VT

If you're one of the millions of people today suffering from emotional and physical problems caused from addiction we want to help. Is your health, happiness, relationships, career, schooling or other areas of your life being affected due to your addiction? When we are struggling with behavior(s) that we're unable to control due to dependence, it not only affects our life, it touches the lives of everyone around us. Depending on what the addiction is to, changing behaviors and habits isn't always that easy and sometimes we need outside help in order to stop making poor choices and breaking unhealthy habits.

Services : Pregnant/postpartum Women, Seniors/older adults (+32)
  (802) 277-3348     Burlington, VT

If you're in need of treatment for prescription drug abuse, Barrett Center in Vermont is an outpatient treatment program that provides people with the help they need to recover. They realize there are many reasons a person can become dependent on prescription drugs. Some of their clients have become dependent on prescribed pain pills due to medical problems and are unable to stop using them on their own. It doesn't matter what reason a person becomes addicted to prescription drugs, Barrett Center in Vermont can help them overcome their dependence and get their life back.

Services : Mental Health and Substances, Payment Assistance (+35)
  (802) 428-4694     Burlington, VT

Sometimes inpatient treatment is a better option for people who have a problem with alcohol because they need to be away from their normal environment in order to focus on their recovery. During residential treatment for alcohol addiction, a person is able to receive a more structured and intense form of treatment to help them overcome their addiction and avoid relapse.

Services : Hearing Impaired Assistance, Women (+35)
  (802) 428-4690     Bellows Falls, VT

Heroin is a drug abused by people in all walks of life and it has destroyed the lives of thousands of people throughout the United States in the past and sadly, continues to do so. Many people have found themselves addicted to heroin and are in desperate need of help in order to stop using and recover.

Services : Detoxification, Military insurance (+19)
  (802) 318-8101     Bradford, VT

If you're looking into inpatient treatment centers due to drug or alcohol dependency for yourself or someone you care about, Valley Vista in Bradford, Vermont offers a full range of individualized services to men, women, and adolescents. Valley Vista provides a serene and safe environment for their patients during recovery and their treatment services for alcohol and chemical dependency are exceptional.

Services : Detoxification, Private insurance (+9)
  (802) 295-9363     White River Junction, VT
Services : Adolescents, Sliding fee scale (+18)
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Services : Persons with HIV/AIDS, Private insurance (+10)
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