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Services : DUI/DWI offenders, Self payment (+6)
  (208) 788-5675     Hailey, ID

With the many different types of recovery programs available today for alcohol, prescription drug or illegal drug addiction it can be difficult knowing which facility to choose from. Most people are seeking a substance abuse recovery program that offers high quality care and treatment that will be effective in helping them reach their recovery goals. Because needs are different when it comes to gender, most people also want a treatment program that understands a man and a woman's recovery needs are not always the same.

Services : Women, Substance Abuse Treatment (+12)
  (208) 664-3300     Coeur d Alene, ID

Because addiction is a relapsing illness, if an alcoholic or drug addict is ready to stop drinking or using drugs the most important thing they can do for themselves is to seek help from a treatment program that promotes long term recovery. You wouldn't believe the amount of people addicted to drugs or alcohol that make the decision to stop drinking or using drugs on their own and succeed for a few hours, a day or maybe even a week.

Services : DUI/DWI offenders, Sliding fee scale (+9)
  (208) 233-9135     American Falls, ID
Services : Beds for Client's Children, Residential Long-Term (+6)
  (208) 785-6688     Blackfoot, ID
Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Private insurance (+11)
  (208) 377-8400x127     Boise, ID
Services : Military insurance, Adolescents (+12)
  (208) 377-5548     Boise, ID
Services : Outpatient, Co-Occurring Disorders (+12)
  (208) 384-4234     Boise, ID
Services : Outpatient, Medicare (+15)
  (208) 367-3553     Boise, ID
Services : Military insurance, Hospital inpatient (+11)
  (208) 367-2121     Boise, ID
Services : Private insurance, General Health Services (+15)
  (208) 422-1145     Boise, ID
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