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Services : DUI/DWI offenders, Residential Short-Term (+21)
  (614) 328-9743     Columbus, OH
Our clinical approach starts upon arrival into the program. Each client is paired with a primary therapist and thoroughly assessed. A variety of factors will be considered during this process including their experience with addiction, co-occurring disorders, trauma and other conditions. Working together, an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan is created. This plan will be a flexible basis for treatment. Depending on the needs of the client, a combination of group therapy, one-on-one coaching and counseling, twelve step meeting attendance and education will be used to help them begin the recovery process. In addition, life skills and health and wellness activities will be integrated into the treatment plan to round out and complete the program.
Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Women (+10)
  (614) 423-6724     Hamilton, OH

If you're needing treatment for substance use, Sojourner Recovery Services in Ohio can provide you with the personal help you need to break free from addiction and reach a level of recovery that will change your life. Sojourner Recovery Services has been helping people change their lives since 1984 and today they continue to provide adults and adolescents with high quality individualized substance abuse treatment.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Payment Assistance (+14)
  (440) 809-8485     Cleveland, OH

New Directions is a counseling center in Ohio that provides help and guidance to individuals, couples and families for a wide range of issues. Sometimes problems arise in our lives and we need guidance and support to help us work through them. It doesn't matter what age we are, when we're faced with challenges or emotional issues it can affect our health and well-being unless we learn to successfully work through them.

Services : Partial Hospitalization, Detoxification (+13)
  (216) 370-7847     Columbus, OH

Remaining clean and sober from substance abuse or chemical dependency is next to impossible for most people and understandably so. The abuse of drugs or alcohol slowly damages normal functioning of the brain as time goes on. Once a person becomes dependent on alcohol or addicted to drugs the changes that have taken place in the brain can cause intense cravings that continue even after detox is completed.

Services : Criminal justice clients, Substance Abuse Treatment (+13)
  (614) 328-9743     Zanesville, OH
Services : Mental Health and Substances, Adolescents (+15)
  (440) 328-8123     Youngstown, OH
Services : Detoxification, Substance Abuse Treatment (+15)
  (513) 206-9650     Youngstown, OH
Services : Private insurance, Military insurance (+12)
  (513) 206-9650     Youngstown, OH
Services : Military insurance, Private insurance (+11)
  (614) 423-6724     Youngstown, OH
Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Private insurance (+14)
  (614) 429-1596     Youngstown, OH
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