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A Treatment Facility in Omaha, Nebraska

When a woman is dependent on alcohol or drugs, the illness not only destroys their emotional and physical health but it strips them of their self-esteem and self-worth. In order to fully heal from addiction all areas of a person's life have to be addressed and they have to be willing and committed to their recovery. If you're a woman struggling with addiction and you're ready to make healthy positive changes in your life, a residential treatment program like Santa Monica House can provide the treatment, education and support you need to overcome your addiction and empower your life.

Residential Chemical Dependency Recovery Program

Santa Monica House is a wonderful program located in Omaha, Nebraska that offers a safe environment for women struggling from addiction to recover in. Santa Monica provides a Halfway House Program and an Intermediate Residential Program for women 19 years of age and older that are committed to overcoming their use of drugs or alcohol so they can embrace life again free from addiction.

Santa Monica provides an environment that's warm and serene and treatment involves addressing all issues and healing the whole person. Women are able to take responsibility for their life and are empowered because they receive the effective treatment, knowledge, skills, strength and support they need to make lasting changes. Women are able to learn positive ways to solve problems, deal with stress and daily challenges instead of turning to alcohol, drugs or other unhealthy behaviors. Their self-esteem and self-worth improve because they feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.

Santa Monica is run by a professional skilled and supportive staff that helps their residents overcome their use of drugs and alcohol and learn the skills they need to maintain their daily sobriety. If you're a woman living in Omaha, Nebraska and are ready to seek help for drug or alcohol dependency, reach out to Santa Monica House and find the hope, encouragement, positive support and freedom you truly deserve.

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