SODAT of New Jersey Inc

A Treatment Facility in Salem, New Jersey

Everyone is eventually affected by the misuse and abuse of drugs and alcohol unfortunately. Family members, friends and society as a whole in time, are touched in one way or another by the negative effects caused from substance abuse, alcohol dependence and drug addiction. Fortunately we have excellent help available in every state for adults and adolescents suffering from substance abuse disorders and in New Jersey, even children that are affected by drugs and alcohol can obtain help.

Affordable Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse and Addiction

SODAT of New Jersey, Inc. is an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program that provides an extensive range of help for those suffering from the damaging and destructive effects of addiction, including those struggling with co-occurring disorders. SODAT's affordable services are offered for residents in Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties of New Jersey and are provided for adolescents, adults and children of substance abusers.

Substance abuse treatment is individualized at SODAT in New Jersey, each of their client's receive individual assessment and then a personalized treatment plan is designed to address their own specific unique needs. SODAT not only provides substance abuse treatment on an outpatient basis, but also provides Intervention and Addiction Prevention Services to educate individuals about the consequences involved with alcohol and drug use.

SODAT of New Jersey, Inc. is unique because the services they provide include counseling for addiction on an outpatient basis, prevention programs, education, help for parents, family services, and programs for men, women and adolescents and support groups for children.

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  • Substance Abuse Treatment
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