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The misuse and intentional abuse of opioid narcotic medications has skyrocketed and today treatment for addiction to painkillers and other opiates is more needed than ever before. Street heroin is also an opiate that appears to be increasing in abuse. The increase is partially due to the fact that heroin is a lot cheaper on the streets right now compared to pain killers, more potent and highly obtainable. Prescription narcotic pain medications are not only harder to come by but the cost on the streets has gone up so they're more expensive than heroin is right now.

Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiate Addiction

Many opiate substance abuse providers utilize medications such as Methadone and Suboxone which are effective drugs used in treating opiate addiction and South Carolina Treatment Center, LLC is one of them.

Carolina Treatment Centers is located in South Carolina and provides medication assisted treatment for individuals addicted to opiates in several outpatient locations. Carolina Treatment Centers program consists of 3 separate substance abuse locations and Southwest Carolina is one of the three providers in their network.

The physical symptoms of opiate withdrawal are very unpleasant and cravings can be extremely intense making it difficult for a person in recovery to remain abstinent and focus on turning their life around. Southwest Carolina Treatment Center provides medications which includes methadone maintenance or Suboxone maintenance to alleviate symptoms of opiate withdrawal so their patients can focus on their recovery.

Additional Opiate Abuse Treatment

Addiction affects all areas of a person's life and the additional treatment Southwest Carolina Treatment Center provides for their clients enables them to work through problems that have occurred due to their abuse of opiate drugs. Their clients learn how to make positive changes in the way they think and behave, and develop helpful ways of dealing with stress and life's challenges to avoid a relapse from occurring. They're educated about addiction, medication assisted treatment and what long term recovery requires.

Additional opiate addiction treatment from Southwest Carolina includes individualized counseling, group therapy sessions, counseling, support for families and helpful resources within the community. Individuals receiving help from Southwest Carolina Treatment Center are given the opportunity to succeed in their recovery from narcotic drug addiction and maintain a substance free lifestyle in the future.

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