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Services : Pregnant/postpartum Women, Mental health services (+35)
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Unless you're suffering from an eating disorder like binge eating or you're a compulsive over eater, you may not understand just how emotionally devastating and physically serious this can be. There are many different underlying reasons a person may have if they suffer from an eating disorder but everyone shares the fact that it affects their life in a negative way.

Services : Beds for Client's Children, Co-Occurring Disorders (+35)
  630-352-3440     Downers Grove, IL

Mental health disorders are very common among people who abuse drugs or alcohol and West Ridge Manor in Illinois makes sure their patients are able to receive effective treatment when they're recovering from substance abuse and addiction. Through many years of experience they have learned that repeated relapse is common among recovering substance abusers that haven't been properly diagnosed and treated for mental health problems if they exists.

Services : Residential Short-Term, DUI/DWI offenders (+35)
  312-638-9896     Chicago, IL

Drug abuse is more of a problem today than ever before because prescription medications are so highly misused and there's so many different dangerous illegal synthetic drugs available. Many people are abusing more than one drug at a time and some are also dependent on alcohol at the same time. Outpatient treatment isn't always effective enough for people that have abusing drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time. Drug addiction has long term effects and it's not easy trying to adjust to living clean and sober overnight.

Services : Methadone detoxification, Substance Abuse Treatment (+10)
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One of the most common addictions affecting individuals and families in this country is opiate addiction. Millions of people are addicted to opiates and far too many of them continue to suffer risking a potentially fatal overdose because opioid addiction can be tremendously difficult to overcome.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Women (+13)
  (618) 234-9002     Belleville, IL

Any level of substance abuse can bring harm to a person's life and today sadly, people from all walks of life are in need treatment to overcome their use of drugs, alcohol or possibly both. When treatment is needed for someone suffering from the effects of alcohol or drug abuse it can be overwhelming trying to find a quality substance abuse treatment provider when you're under stress.

Services : Outpatient, Mental health services (+5)
  (630) 897-1003     Aurora, IL

Whether you're seeking treatment for substance abuse or addiction or are in need of guidance and help for mental health problems, child abuse or family relationship problems, Breaking Free will provide the treatment, education and skills needed to rebuild your life. Breaking Free is located in Aurora, Illinois and for more than thirty years their staff has been helping individuals and families work through challenges they're facing so they can overcome substance abuse and work through other problems they may be facing.

Services : Private insurance, Criminal justice clients (+18)
  (618) 833-4456     Anna, IL

The state of Illinois has a wide range of different substance abuse and addiction rehab programs to assist people in their recovery but the services they provide can greatly vary so finding a facility suitable to the individual's needs can be an overwhelming task. If you or someone you love has a problem with drugs and/or alcohol, The Fellowship House helps individuals heal and rebuild their lives.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Detoxification (+7)
  312-546-3346     Chicago, IL
New Life Drug Rehab Centers Chicago Call (312) 546-3346 For Help Now. We offer the best drug rehab, drug detox programs and alcohol rehab facilities. Give us a call today if you are battling with drug addiction, prescription medicine abuse or alcohol addiction.
Services : State Financed Insurance, Residential Short-Term (+18)
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Sober Drug Rehabs Chicago Call (312) 637-3977 For Help Now. We offer the best drug rehab, drug detox programs and alcohol rehab facilities. Give us a call today if you are battling with drug addiction, prescription medicine abuse or alcohol addiction.
Services : Co-Occurring Disorders, Outpatient (+35)
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