Bountiful Treatment Center

A Treatment Facility in Bountiful, Utah

Today there are people in all age groups affected by opiate addiction, heroin and prescription drug abuse is extremely widespread and without help most people are unable to stop using and maintain long-term sobriety. Methadone treatment is very effective in treating heroin and opiate prescription drug addiction because it reduces the cravings and symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal and helps to prevent relapse during recovery.

Methadone treatment can make a big difference in a person's recovery from opiate addiction and if you're seeking treatment for yourself or someone you care about, CMG operates a nationally recognized and accredited methadone treatment center in Utah as well as various other states.

Bountiful Treatment Center is a private outpatient substance abuse treatment clinic in Utah that provides comprehensive treatment for opiate addiction. There are thousands of people addicted to prescription pain medications and heroin today and patients receive effective treatment at Bountiful Treatment Center to help them overcome their need for opiate drugs.

Colonial Management Group, LP (CMG) is a very unique organization that consists of 57 private outpatient opiate treatment clinics in various states and Bountiful Treatment Center in Utah is one of them. Their clinics are specifically designed for individuals dependent on opiate drugs which include painkillers and heroin.

Their clients receive individual and group counseling in order to address their psychological and social needs as well as their addiction. Their clients receive support, education and the skills needed to improve their lives and well-being as well as the tools needed to prevent relapse.

Bountiful Treatment Center Provides

  1. Outpatient treatment and care
  2. A highly skilled staff
  3. Comprehensive treatment programs
  4. Detailed psychological assessment
  5. Methadone treatment
  6. Suboxone treatment
  7. Individual counseling
  8. Group counseling
  9. Family counseling
  10. Positive support

The staff at Bountiful Treatment Center understands the challenges their clients face when recovering from opiate addiction and not only provide their clients with medication assisted treatment, help and support, but also tailor your treatment program to fit your own unique needs. You don't have to suffer with heroin or prescription opiate drug addiction any longer, let the caring staff at Bountiful Treatment Center help you in your recovery.

  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Methadone maintenance
  • Outpatient
  • Self payment

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