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Services : Mental health services, Detoxification (+35)
  South Richmond, NY

Anyone struggling with an addiction to methamphetamine understands just how destructive this drug can be when they become dependent on it. People no matter what age they are don't realize how quickly they can become dependent on the drug until it's too late and they're completely unable to stop on their own. Outpatient treatment programs help a lot of people overcome their addiction to methamphetamine especially if they aren't long-term users. There are so many people today in need of a more structured environment during their treatment though. Because of their intense meth addiction, residential programs are needed because they can be much more effective.

Services : Adolescents, Beds for Client's Children (+35)
  Endicott, NY

For years BrookView Spiritual Addiction Recovery has been helping people begin their journey toward developing a life free of substance use and heal their lives. If you're caught in the downward spiral of alcohol or drug addiction you too can find your path of healing freedom at BrookView Spiritual Addiction Recovery.

Services : Detoxification, Methadone detoxification (+35)
  Queens, NY

If there's someone in your life that has a problem with drugs, alcohol or both, then you know how the disease of addiction destroys a person's life, both theirs and yours. It's devastating to watch someone you love become emotionally and spiritually broken inside because addiction is destructive. The family and loved ones also suffer when someone they love is suffering from addiction, their lives drastically change and their overall health is affected too. You may think there's nothing that can be done for an addict until they're ready to seek help on their own but fortunately, that's not true.

Services : Substance Abuse Treatment, Pregnant/postpartum Women (+35)
  Yonkers, NY

Thousands of men and women have learned how to live their daily lives sober and maintain sobriety applying the 12 Steps of AA in their recovery. Many substance abuse programs utilize the 12 Steps during their client's treatment and provide outpatient care to help them reach abstinence and learn how to apply the twelve steps in their daily recovery.

Services : Payment Assistance, State Financed Insurance (+35)
  Flushing, NY

Everyone's needs are different when recovering from alcohol or drug addiction and the type of treatment a person receives should always provide the path of healing necessary to their own unique overall recovery. Many people need a treatment program that takes a spiritual healing approach during their recovery from addiction. Holistic addiction treatment focuses on all aspects of a person's life in terms of recovery healing the mind, body and spirit.

Services : Pregnant/postpartum Women, Mental Health and Substances (+35)
  Brooklyn, NY

In New York, if you're struggling with substance abuse, alcoholism or drug addiction, Compassionate Treatment Dependency Centre provides young and older adults with a wide range of treatment services. For more than 10 years, they have provided high quality individualized treatment programs in both an inpatient and outpatient location. Their individualized treatment plans are based on the personal needs of their clients, offering them the help and support they need to make positive changes in their life.

Services : Adolescents, Beds for Client's Children (+35)
  Far Rockaway, NY

Cocaine addicts often require an inpatient rehab recovery setting when receiving treatment for their addiction because the drug is so powerful and destructive and withdrawal can be extremely intense. It doesn't matter if cocaine is smoked, snorted or injected, users can develop an intense strong addiction to the drug with repeated use.

Services : Sliding fee scale, Men (+35)
  West Seneca, NY

Opiates are very powerful and once a person's addicted it's unbelievably hard for them to reduce their use let alone quit because of withdrawal. Very unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal can occur if a person's developed addiction to opiates such as morphine, methadone, OxyContin or heroin which is why addicts find it so difficult to quit using drugs on their own.

Services : Hearing Impaired Assistance, Medicare (+35)
  New York, NY

Not everyone with a gambling problem is able to see the extent of their addiction even if their behavior is affecting their relationship or financial responsibilities. Most pathological gamblers don't see how their gambling behavior is damaging their own lives let alone the impact their gambling addiction has on others. Quite often a person doesn't even seek help until they've lost it all financially or until they have received an ultimatum from a spouse or partner. It's not uncommon for a person to seek help for their gambling addiction even though their still in denial, just to appease their spouse or loved one but even though treatment may not be completely voluntary, it can still be successful.

Services : Private insurance, Methadone maintenance (+35)
  New York, NY

Throughout the United States, meth is a drug that's widely abused by many teens, young and even older adults. Crystal meth is not only a popular drug of choice by a lot of substance users but is also highly addictive and can cause very serious health related problems. Anyone that's abused meth for any period of time can tell you that it's extremely hard to stop using the drug once you have become addicted to the substance. Most people that have abused meth for a long period of time are not only in need of treatment in order to stop using the drug they're also in need of medical help because methamphetamines can cause serious health complications.

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